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Why Hamzah Academy

Most up to date and advanced interactive SMART boards in our Pre K 2 – Upper elementary classrooms.

Most current (2013-2014 edition) math and language arts core curriculum programs, which include MyMath and Reading Wonders. Each program is specifically aligned to the common core national standards. Programs use a variety of tools, workbooks, interactive activities and textbooks to teach students foundational concepts in a deep, meaningful way that creates lasting, lifelong impressions, and then expands those concepts in such a way that children learn naturally and fluidly.

Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) libraries for all upper elementary children. Libraries include an expert-evaluated series of non-fiction books that teach these subjects in a fun, engaging way that students not only enjoy, but also retain and are able to reiterate during cross-curricular instruction periods in the classroom.

Trade Book libraries in every classroom. The trade books in each library are individually read and critiqued by a panel of learning and education experts for their effectiveness in conveying information through different genres of literature. The books expose children to a variety of diverse, useful information and moral values in an exciting manner.

Common Core classroom libraries in all lower elementary levels. These books are evaluated by learning experts and carefully chosen to align with the common core standards of fiction, non-fiction, biography, poetry, and other genres required throughout the schooling years.

Leveled Reader libraries engage students of all learning levels with the same type of information and content, so that all students are not only reached and taught, but also have foundational skills reinforced to the point of raising their performance to on- or above-level standards. Leveled Reader libraries also include challenge books to engage advanced students and keep them learning actively throughout the school year.

Worldly Wise vocabulary programs for all elementary students. Worldly Wise is a vocabulary program used to expose students to and increase regular usage of everyday, academic, and domain-specific vocabulary words that will be used throughout life. The program enhances vocabulary in all subject areas, and includes various manipulative pieces to keep all types of learners engaged in the classroom.

Touch Math is available to all elementary students. Touch Math is a learning program that targets kinesthetic learners, and is designed to engage students who struggle with the comprehension of foundational math concepts. It uses a unique, patented touch point system to help students process the meaning of numbers, and can be used for all levels of mathematics, from addition to word problems and equations.

Real World Problem Solving Leveled Reader libraries are available to all students in every grade level. The libraries include different sets of non-fiction books that teach word problem solving effectively through narrative and illustration. The individual books are targeted to specific learning levels, so that students of all abilities are reached, engaged and given a strong foundation in problem solving.

Math Manipulative and Science Exploration Kits for all students in all elementary grades. Kits include all the tools and pieces necessary for engaged and effective learning, exploration, discovery and real-world application of basic and complex math and science concepts.

National Geographic Learning subscriptions for all students. All of our elementary students have in-class and at-home online access to the new Georgia Common Core State Standards (GA CCSS) for math and language arts programs. Online access includes games, activities, printable worksheets, tutorials and more!