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The Parent 2017-18 Handbook.


Students at Hamzah Science Academy (HSA) are required to be in uniform on all school days, unless otherwise stated.

Universal Uniform for All Students

SHIRT: Navy Blue Polo Shirt (Since we are in a transition year, your student is able to reuse their yellow shirts from last year, however all new shirts purchased must be in navy blue since we will phase out the yellow ones soon)

PANTS: Khaki dress pants

SWEATER: Navy Blue sweater or vest worn throughout the day at school. (Jackets or sweaters that are removed upon entering the school have no restrictions)

SOCKS: Navy, Black or White socks

SHOES: Tennis shoes, Oxfords, Loafers or Sneakers (no high heels, sandals or slippers)

HSA LOGO: All shirts and jumpers require a Hamzah Science Academy logo (available for purchase at the school) ironed or sewed on to the upper left corner of the top

OTHER: Girls may not wear perfume, make-up, nail varnish or tight clothing. Boys may not wear jewelry or tight clothing. All tops, pants, jilbabs, sweaters, hijabs, and socks must be in solid colors, with no patterns, designs, adornments, decorations or logo's (besides the HSA logo)

HIJAB: White, Black or Navy hijab/head scarf (to be worn all day for girls in 4th grade and above, and kept in school for girls in KG-3rd grade for Salah)

JILBAB (optional): Girls may choose to wear Navy Blue or Black jilbabs over their uniform

UNIFORM CONDITION: Uniform must be clean and presentable. Clothing must be pressed or ironed.

Dress Code Violations

Upon the first violation, administration will verbally inform the student and the parent. Upon three (3) violations, a note will be sent home and the student must bring a change of uniform clothes to keep at school. Parents of children with repeated violations will also be contacted for a meeting and may be fined. The teachers and administration will enforce the dress code strictly.

Your cooperation is highly appreciated.


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