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The Parent 2017-18 Handbook.


Students at Hamzah Academy are required to be in uniform on all school days, unless otherwise stated.

GIRL'S UNIFROM: Please click here for details ...

BOY'S UNIFROM: Please click here for details ...

Uniform Requirements Applicable to all students: Please click here for details ...

UNIFORM CONDITION: Uniform must be clean and presentable. Clothing must be pressed or ironed.

All items of the uniform may be purchased at stores such as Walmart, Target, Kohls, Marshalls, TJ Maxx, J.C. Penney or any store of the like.

Hamzah Academy Logos and Navy blue jumper required for girls in KG and above can be purchased from the school office.

Dress Code

Students at Hamzah Academy are required to dress according to Islamic requirements. In addition, nails should be trimmed at all times. Hair for boys should be cut above eye-level. Hair in the back should be cut above the collar. Hair for girls should be tied, pinned back firmly or cut above eye-level.

Dress Code Violations will result in:

Administration verbally informing the student and the parent. Upon multiple violations, a note will be sent home and the student must bring a change of uniform clothes to keep at school. Parents of children with repeated violations will also be contacted for a meeting. The teachers and administration will enforce the dress code strictly.

Your cooperation is highly appreciated.


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