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Georgia Student Scholarship Organization

With Tax credit, you get 100% back of every dollar you donate when you file your taxes.


Do you know where your tax money goes?


​GaSSO is a program which allows Everyone to redirect part of their GA taxes to Georgia education institutes. Tax payers to choose where would they like their GA tax money to go to. GaSSO costs NO extra money! Hamzah Science Academy is able to use these tax funds as scholarship money for those students unable to pay full tuition or need additional educational assistance. As per The Qualified Education Expense Credit Law passed in 2008, the State directs a portion of the $130 million per year fund towards organizations (like HSA) to provide financial aid. By redirecting your tax money, a Georgia income tax credit is available for the tax year in which the donation is made. Donors may also be allowed a charitable deduction on their federal income return. 


What's the best part?

​Donors receive 100% refund the following tax year.

What amount?

  • Single: $2,000 

  • Married: $5,000  

  • S Corp up to $25,000  

  • C Corp up to 75% of Tax Liability 

Why "Hamzah Science Academy"?

Download HSA brochure and read more information about HSA

What's next?

Click here to fill your form

How do I sign up?


1. Go to


2. Fill out GaSSO Request for Tax Credit Donation


3. Click Submit and wait for your per-approval from the Georgia Department of Revenue and a receipt from GaSSO.


4. Pay your donation to GaSSO directly or send your check to HSA and we will mail it for you!


5. Receive 100% refund next year!

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