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HSA Staff



Dr. Siham Elsegeiny

HSA Principal

   Dr. Siham Kamal Yassin Omran Elsegeiny is a career educator with two master’s degrees in Ed Administration/Science and Ph.D. in Educational Administration K-12. She had long experience in leading Islamic schools and imparting quality Islamic education to students. Dr. Elsegeiny has worked at various Schools in the United States since 1992, having served as Principal since 1999. She has led her schools through accreditation, secured funding through grants, implemented a state charter program and served on Quality Assurance Team Review for Advance-Ed North Central Association (NCA) and Advance-Ed Southern Association of Colleges and Schools (SACS).

   Her areas of interest are education reform, accreditation for the quality of education, implementation and evaluation of schools’ improvement plans, evaluation of State and national assessments, and State Certification. With a cumulative +20 years of experience in educational administration and consulting, she guides elementary, middle, and high schools through the maze of ever-changing educational environments and accreditation requirements.

   § Implemented State Fund Programs and directed online state education program. Established accreditation from Advance-ED for Schools and established State approval for Charter schools.

   § Conducted dissertation research on 37 Islamic schools’ leadership in the USA and investigated reform efforts in Newark District in New Jersey as a large urban school district. Provided recommendation and framework to New Orleans District School Board and presented the study case.

   § Served on Quality Assurance Team Review for Advance-Ed NCA in the North and SACS in the South and participated in CITA accreditation evaluation team training for schools located outside the United States (Egypt and the Middle East to improve and advance excellence in education.


Siham Elsegeiny, Ph-D

Educational Administration K-12

Mrs. Nisa Khan

School Manager 

   My job priorities are to keep the school running smoothly, answering a high volume of incoming calls while handling in-person inquiries from students, parents, teachers, and the administration. Flexibility and hard work is the key to success.

Mrs. Sumaira Beg


Childcare Teachers


Mrs. Asma Al-Juboury

   I am working at Hamzah Science Academy for four years. I started working as a childcare teacher assistant and now I am the childcare homeroom teacher at Hamzah Science Academy from 8:00 AM to 4:00 PM

Mrs. Basma Hassan

Ms. Layan Bawaneh


Pre-K Teachers


Mrs. Lina Thabet

Pre-K Homeroom Teacher

   All children need a loving and developmentally sound foundation for a lifetime of learning. I have taught at HSA for over ten years and graduated from Al-Qadisyyah College with a degree in Child Care Education. I hold several certifications such as The Child Development Associate National Credentialing Program, CDA Competency Standards, and CPR. Each child has their own unique gift and their own style of learning. So, I work to make my classroom a place where each child has an opportunity to thrive in their own way.


Mrs. Hadil Salman

Pre-K Prep Homeroom Teacher

   I have extensive experience in daycare and have been with Hamzah Science Academy since 2014.  I have a degree from Alquds University in the Arabic language. I am trained for early childhood development and love my career and working in an Islamic environment.

Elementary & Middle School Teachers

Mrs. Somia Awan

Kindergarten Homeroom Teacher

   My name is Somia Awan, and this is my first year as a kindergarten teacher at Hamzah Science Academy. I'm certified in Montessori from AMI and have a bachelor's degree in psychology and education. Over 20 years have passed since I began my career as a teacher. Since today's kids will be the leaders of tomorrow, I'm passionate about working with kids and love to teach young people.

Mrs. Rawan Fares

1st Grade Homeroom Teacher

   My name is Sister Rawan, and I am the First Grade Teacher at Hamzah Science Academy this year. This is my fourth year at Hamzah Science Academy, I previously taught kindergarten for three years. I have my B.A. in English Literature and have a strong passion for teaching and children. Spending time with children is one of the most special things that a person can do while having the opportunity to see them grow their minds and expand their knowledge and potential.


    Being a part of Hamzah Science Academy is a pleasure and being a part of the student’s life is a blessing. A huge benefit of teaching at an Islamic school is having the responsibility and pleasure of teaching our children about Islamic Character and watching them practice it every day. I am thankful for being a part of the Hamzah community and the children’s lives.

Mrs. Shorok Abdelrahman

2nd Grade Homeroom Teacher

Mr. Raees Alvi

Science (4th-7th Grade)

Mrs. Yasmeen Faris

ELA & Reading (4th-7th Grade) 

    My name is Sister Yasmeen and I am so excited to be teaching at Hamzah Science Academy this year! My major is Elementary Education, with a focus in ESL. I became a teacher because I have a passion for passing on knowledge and helping shape young minds. There is something special about the look on a child’s face when they master a new concept. I believe every child can grow, learn and develop the confidence to be successful in school and in their lives.


   I have the honor of being the ELA/Reading teacher for Grades 3-6, as well as the 6th grade Islamic Studies teacher this year. We are blessed to have the opportunity to go to school in an Islamic environment, and I embrace this chance by incorporating Islamic principles into our lessons wherever I can and encouraging our students to embrace them.

Mrs. Fathima Kouser 

Math & Steam (4th-7th Grade)


Mrs. Sumaira Beg

Social Studies (4th-7th Grade) 

Mrs. Amina Rodriguez

Islamic Studies (4th-7th Grade)

Ms. Nahida Abuadas

Quran and Arabic (KG-7th Grade)


   I hold a bachelor’s degree in interpreting and a community certificate in teaching. I have twenty-four years’ experience in teaching at U.N. schools in Syria I also have training courses in reading Qur’an and Tajweed Alhamdulillah. I also teach Qur’an and Arabic as private classes and have been with HSA for six years. Teaching was always a great part of my life and has become more exciting when I started teaching HSA's lovely kids. Alhamdulillah.

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