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Quran & 

Islamic Studies

Here at HSA, your child will graduate with the understanding and knowledge of how to read Qur'an.  Our teachers are certified in Nooraniya Qaidah and have the tremendous ability to keep our students engaged in the love and continuous practice of the Sunnah.  Our students eagerly wait for Qur'an and Islamic Studies where their curiosity is peaked.  Combined with practicing salah, memorizing dua's and surahs, exciting Sahaba stories and islamic manners, our goal is to supply the future generations with abundant Muslim leaders and scholars, thereby securing a future for a continuous 'Golden Age of Islam,' insha'Allah. Hamzah students are engulfed with a depth of knowledge from all the core & academic subjects to Qur'an, Arabic, and Islamic Studies. Our curriculum is comprehensively scaffolded around Islam, since Ihsaan (excellence), is our core motivator. In addition to this, we furnish a safe and sheltered environment, where your child will master distinct academics all within an Islamic framework. 

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